Circular economy seminar

Circular economy means that the product that reaches the end of its life, its materials and parts are kept as much as possible in the industry and economy. Smart use of raw materials can reduce CO2 emissions and harmful effects on the environment. Therefore, focusing on the circular economy has a significant effect on slowing climate change.

So far, the approach of the industry has been with the linear production model, meaning extraction, production, consumption and disposal. This style of production increases the speed of consumption in society and is a fast and unsustainable model for the planet. If the circular economy creates a more sustainable production and consumption model in which parts and raw materials are kept in the production cycle for a longer period of time, so much less waste is produced. The challenge for having a circular economy is the need to optimally design products so that they can be easily repaired, reused or recycled.


Presenter: Dr. Morteza Rasti Barzaki

Member of the Faculty of Industrial and Systems Engineering


May 22, 2023

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