The technology management workshop designed for the managers of the research and development department was held for two days on August 1 and 2, 2023, at the Snowatec Technology Center and Innovation Factory.

Management of Technology (MOT) is an interdisciplinary specialty that integrates basic sciences, engineering, humanities, and management knowledge and methods, in other words, it is the concept of managing systems that help create, acquire, and use technology.

Research, invention, development, etc. are among the most important issues that cause progress in the way and method of technology management. This management is so comprehensive that it includes all aspects of technology including policy making, planning, technology transfer and development, research and development, training, selection and evaluation.

This course was held in the presence of Dr. Khamse, a member of the academic staff of Tehran Azad University, in the presence of the managers of the Research and Development Vice-Chancellor and some experts. Snowatec aims to achieve the most important application of technology management, which is to reduce the technology gap between developed countries and developing countries through technology transfer; Organized this event.

It should be noted that at the end of this workshop, the participants were awarded a course completion certificate for their valuable attendance.