According to the Innovation Unit of Snowatec Technology Center and Innovation Factory, the 7th Future Research Meeting of the Home Appliance Industry was held on July 19, 2023 by the Marketing Vice President of the Product Management Department.

Household appliances include the daily needs of every person from the moment he wakes up in the morning when he takes out the breakfast cheese from the refrigerator, until the night when he needs cool water to drink. Therefore, nowadays life without these appliances is unimaginable and for this very reason, an important part of the economy of the family, countries and the world is dependent on the household appliance industry.

Mordor Intelligence research report attempts to provide the market size and value forecast ($ billion) of the home appliances industry using available data to chart the future outlook of the industry. Therefore, attention to industrial “intelligence” may be considered the most key aspect of this report and a beacon for the survival and development of the home appliance industry. The flagships of this industry are moving with lightning speed towards synchronizing their products with today’s technologies, especially the use of the Internet, artificial intelligence and even simpler communication methods such as Bluetooth.

This meeting focused on two famous brands Smeg made in Italy and Miele made in Germany.

The speech of this event was given by Mr. Dr. Ali Zakari, the head of Isfahan University’s Institute of Future Studies. He made a unique presentation about the two mentioned brands, while generally drawing the path forward for the home appliance industry.

At the end of this meeting, the various teams that were selected in the 10th edition of the Popular Consumer Brand Festival were honored. In order to identify the famous Iranian brands by the people, and provide the basis for appreciation of these famous and reliable brands.