The doughnut event (Snowatec innovation session) is held on the second Tuesday of every month with the introduction of a book in the field of creativity and innovation of personal development.

This course was held for the fourth time on August 1, 2023, with the review of the project management book for non-project managers. This book was written by Cory Kogan, Suzette Blakemore, James Wood, and was presented by Mr. Hassan Ahmadi.

What comes to mind when we say project management. Probably a large industrial, service or construction project with hundreds of people working on it and complex and specialized processes. But if we define a project as a set of activities that have a definite beginning and end, their budget and cost are limited, and it is necessary to complete them with the help of other people, then we consider that we are dealing with many activities in our personal and professional life. We can call them projects. Therefore, in a way, we are all project managers.
Mr. Ahmadi stated that the book “Project Management for Non-Project Managers” is suitable for people who want to know what a project means and take steps to better manage their professional activities. In seven chapters, this book teaches you in plain language how to start a project, plan it, execute it, monitor it, and finish the project.